2013 - Allianz Belgium S.A. becomes Allianz Benelux S.A.


2012 - Allianz acquires Mensura’s insurance activities.


2007 - AGF Belgium changes its name and becomes Allianz.


2004 - AGF Belgium- Integration of the transport agency Moerkerke into AGF Belgium.


2003 - AGF Belgium sells AGF Belgium Bank to the ING group (Record).
Concentration on the single industry of insurance and distribution exclusively through brokerage.


2000 - AGF / Assubel Banque changes its name and becomes AGF Belgium Bank.


1999 - AGF / Assubel - AGF / L'Escaut - AGF/De Schelde change names and become AGF Belgium during the combining of insurance activities under the name of AGF Belgium Insurance (Stanislas Haine and the banking sector are not affected)


1998 - Resumption of the AGF group by Allianz, which then becomes a world leader in the insurance and financial services sector.
Acquisition of Stanislas Haine (subscription agency specialised in industrial risks).
The social sections of Assubel merge with "La Famille" to form Partena and leave the group.
The work insurance department leaves the group and takes on the name Assubel-AT (today renamed Mensura).


1995 - AGF/L'Escaut et AGF/De Schelde merge with Union Fénix.


1994 - AGF/L'Escaut - AGF/De Schelde form connections with Assubel acquired by AGF. During the acquisition by AGF of the shares held by AG, Assubel enters the group AGF Belgium - L'Escaut - Union Fénix.


1993 - AGF / L'Escaut et AGF / De Schelde acquire Union Fénix Belgium.


1990 - AGF acquires L'Escaut / De Schelde from Prudential (UK).
Purchase of the transport agency Moerkerke


1989 - AGF Belgium acquires Sofibanque (Deposit bank specialised in consumer credit).


1988 - Assubel - Agreement between the new shareholders AG, AGF and Cobepa.


1987 - AGF - Takes on the name AGF Belgium in Belgium.
Assubel - Takeover bid from AG and AGF for Assubel.


1984 - AGF - acquires "La Première Belge Vie".


1972 - L'Escaut / De Schelde - The Prudential group (UK) acquires the company.


1970 - Assubel - Acquisition of the savings bank Contidépo.


1969 - AGF - Merger with the company of the group "Le Phénix" (active in Belgium since 1925).


1968 - AGF - La Compagnie d'Assurance Générales sur la Vie de Paris becomes "Assurances Générales de France" (AGF).


1961 - Assubel - Adoption of the Assubel label by all companies.


1960 - Assubel - Acquires FRISIA absorbed in 1975.


1955 - L'Escaut / De Schelde - Launching of life insurance activities.


1953 - AGF - Launching of Family Third Party Liability Insurance.
Assubel - A.C.M. enters the Car insurance market.


1945-46 - AGF - Beginning of Fire Insurance operations.


1935 - Assubel - Beginning of Family Third-Party Liability Insurance.


1930 - Assubel - Setting up of the Family Allowance Compensation Fund (M.S.R.).


1921 - L'Escaut / De Schelde - Establishment in the new office Borzestraat.


1920 - Assubel - Belgian State Retirement and Insurance Fund offering life insurance.


1916 - Assubel - Establishment in new facilities at Rue de Laeken 35
(still today the Allianz) Brussels office.


1913 - AGF - Creation, in Brussels, of a branch of Assurances Générales de Paris (AGP) gradually moving toward all branches of insurance.


1908 - Assubel - Creation of the company Assurance et de Crédit Mutuel (A.C.M.) covering Fire, Auto and Miscellaneous Risk insurance for individuals and companies.


1904 - Assubel - Foundation of the Mutuelle des Syndicats Réunis (M.S.R) created in Brussels to cover work accidents.


1890 - Allianz - Foundation of the company in Berlin.


1821 - L'Escaut / De Schelde - Creation of L'Escaut/De Schelde, the head office of which is set up in Antwerp.
It is the oldest company in Belgium.