Allianz #BalanceforBetter hackathon​​

On International Women’s Day 2019 Allianz Benelux hosts the #BalanceforBetter hackathon! A hackathon in the Allianz Offices in Brussels on March 8 and 9 to work on improving core business processes at Allianz.

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Main information

  • March 8 & 9 2019​​​
  • Start at 9:00
  • A 36 hour contest on improving our core business processes
  • Food and drinks are provided
  • Attendees from the whole data and business process management community in Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands
  • An event with a focus on creating the best result in a balanced team
  • Cash reward of 3.000,- for the most impressive project
  • You can subscribe until March 8, 2019 at 10:00

Why should you attend?

Improve skills on a real business case
  • Test and improve skills on a real business case
  • Take part in the evolution of insurance industry
  • Gain experience and discover new ideas
Meet experts and create opportunities
  • Meet the data community and make connections
  • Looking for new opportunities? Demonstrate your talent to professionals of the market
  • If you are a startup: this is an awesome opportunity to show your services and your know-how

Who should attend?


The theme for this hackathon is #BalanceforBetter, so you can sign up as a team. But of course collaboration is the most important part, so if you sign up individually you can find your team during the event. 


Look for the balance in the team, from business process experts to data scientist or whatever skill you think is needed. Join us to work at the heart of insurance at Allianz!

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