Allianz #BalanceforBetter hackathon​​

On International Women’s Day 2019 Allianz Benelux hosts the #BalanceforBetter hackathon! A hackathon in the Allianz Offices in Brussels on March 8 and 9 to work on improving core business processes at Allianz. 

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No hackathon without a challenge of course: making Allianz a data-driven company requires a real data culture. But what about the core of an insurance company, the heart of what we do at Allianz? Data driven business process reinvention with the use of data is what we are looking for. Can we service our customers better in your opinion? Or is our claims handling process way to slow? Show us how we can do better!


Thinking of new ways to do the things we have done for so many years: underwriting and claims handling. Those are the core processes of what we do at Allianz. But there are so many ways to improve that process. For our customers, our brokers and of course for ourselves. Data is increasingly critical in order to manage these processes in an efficient way, while keeping the customers best interest in mind. The ultimate goal is to improve the quality of products and services proposed to our clients.

In order to find innovative and creative ways to answer these challenges we organize our #BalanceforBetter Hackathon on March 8 and 9 in our Brussels offices.


Goals and deliverable


Making business processes easier is not that simple. But we do want to make them simple. So your goal during the event is just that: make the process simple from the customers’ perspective. And to clarify what simple is: how can we give our customers an answer fast?

What we ask you to deliver is a concrete solution to do this. Data driven business process reinvention: what is your solution? ​And of course what data you’ve used and how. Other than that, the format of your deliverable is free! This deliverable will be presented during a 10 minute presentation to explain you work and your thinking.

As we say at Allianz: Everything we do starts and ends with the customers best interest in mind!

Jurys and experts

A jury will be invited to evaluate your work at the end of the event. This jury will be composed of experts from the insurance industry and of course from Allianz. The jury will judge you on the relevance of your data analysis and on the added-value of your deliverable for business purposes.

During the event, you will also meet Allianz experts. They will be here to give you technical advices and complementary instructions regarding the data or the final delivery.




Cash reward of € 3.000,- will be offered to the team who will provide the most impressive project. Additional cash rewards of € 1.000,- will be granted for special projects that have impressed jury’s’ members according one of the following criteria:

- The best use of data or technology

- The most useful and pragmatic creation


The hackathon will be punctuated by many animations, activities, and exchanges. Please find below a temporary agenda of the 2 days:

Day 1 – March 8

08h30 - 09h00: Welcoming and breakfast

09h00 - 09h30: Hackathon introduction

09h30 - Working session

Day 2 – March 9

17h00 – 20h00: End of working session, pitch and jury selection

20h00 – 21h00: Closing and awards

The exact agenda may be subject to change.